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battlesdrawn's Journal

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(battles drawn)
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Welcome to battlesdrawn, an icon battle community. This community was inspired by iconbattling. The twist is that this community focuses on anime, manga, cartoons (Disney, Dreamworks, Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.), graphic novels (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse--certainly not limited), and webcomics. This is a community that hosts icon battles bi-weekly. battlesdrawn will first have a suggestion post where members can decide what themes and type of genre all are interested to icon with. Next, polls are used to determine what everyone would like to make icons of. Once main topics are determined, members sign up by providing a high quality image and a sub-theme. You will have 2 weeks to submit your icons (8 icons). Voting will be held for the best icon of each theme/image chosen. Once results are announced, the chain starts again.

01. You must be signed up in order to participate in the battle.
02. Icons must not be revealed until after results of each round are announced.
03. Animated gifs and fanart are not allowed. You must use official images.
04. Icons must be 100x100 (or smaller), saved as either .jpeg or .png.
05. All members who sign up for the battle must vote. Do not vote for yourself.
06. If you have any questions, please ask away.

sunday: suggestions post
wednesday: voting for suggestions
saturday: sign-ups for round
tuesday: sign-ups close & themes/submissions are posted
tuesday: voting is held 2 weeks after themes/submissions are posted
friday: results are posted
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