Round 3 Signups: Elements and Provided Textures

Thank you all for voting, everyone! Welcome to Round 3 at battlesdrawn! Going by the poll, the battle themes for Round 3 are Elements and Provided Textures.

When signing up:
* Please read the rules before signing up.
* Sign up by replying to my comment. You must name an element (water, fire, earth, etc. List of Elements) and/or link to a texture with the maker of the texture.
* Please make sure you are watching the community to keep track of community updates.
* Keep note both battles are different/separate. You are not obligated to sign up for both, only if you want to. :)
* Sign-Ups will close on Saturday, May 3 at 11pm (USA Pacific Time). The Submission post will be up shortly afterward. Countdown

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